Senior Patrol Leader, Lucas, 14, has been awarded a Jack Petchey Achievement Award at a ceremony for South London Scouts in Deptford this week. Lucas was awarded his medallion by County Commissioner Darren Lodge.

His citation for earning his award reads: Lucas is our most senior Patrol Leader and plays an active role in leading Scouts, not only within his patrol but across the whole Troop. Lucas is highly enthusiastic and always very keen to achieve his full potential, throwing himself into tasks & activities. He is a capable and confident young man and a makes great example to the rest of his Troop, it is fair to say that other Scouts look up to him. Lucas is also fiercely competitive, a great asset in a Troop where we run lots of competitions and games with friendly rivalry between patrols. Lucas is also a keen collector of badges and awards, going out of his way outside of regular Troop evenings to try new activities and provide evidence of his achievements. Lucas exemplifies many of the qualities that a good Scout should have and would make a very worthy beneficiary of a Jack Petchey Award.

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