The Jack Petchley Foundation works to enable young people (aged 11 – 25 years in London and Essex), to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in, developing and promoting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development.

The foundation highlights outstanding young people with Achievement Awards to recognise the positive contributions they make to society and to support them in achieving their potential.

This year two Westside Scouts collected this prestigious accolade: Alice and Freddie. The following is taken from citations, written by Josh the Westside Scout Leader, which describe the outstanding qualities these two showed to earn their awards.


“Freddie demonstrates exemplary leadership skills especially for a Scout of his age. Led by Freddy his Patrol maintains the highest standards of teamwork, presentation and behaviour. The leaders can always trust Freddy to do his duties to the best of his ability and have no qualms about Freddy running games for the other scouts. He is a fair umpire who is well respected and listened to by the other scouts. During activities Freddie going out of his way to involve the quieter members of his team. We usually try to pair these new starters with Freddy, knowing that he will make sure they are aware of what is happening and be looked after for their first evening.

When asked what Freddy thought was his biggest achievement in Scouting his response was earning his PL stripes, and I would whole heartedly agree.”


“Alice is one of our most committed Scouts, who turns up every week eager to learn and try new activities. In the Scout Association our young people are encouraged to think about the Scout Law:

  • A Scout is to be trusted.
  • A Scout is loyal.
  • A Scout is friendly and considerate.
  • A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts.
  • A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
  • A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
  • A Scout has self-respect and respect for others

Alice fits these tenants very well. Her friendliness makes her a prime candidate each week for showing new Scouts the ropes. Loyal to her friends and Patrol, Alice has the courage to compete fiercely in even the most physical of games, matching with Scouts older and bigger. Alice is always enthusiastic to learn new knowledge and skills. She is considerate of others. Respectful, not only of others and Troop equipment, but the environment: haranguing leaders to ditch the use of disposable cups for refreshments due to the damage they cause to the planet! Picking a nominee for this award was very easy from the 12/14th and Alice shines as a very deserving individual”

Westside Scouts extend our fullest congratulations to both these scouts for the exemplary example they’re setting. And to every Beaver, Cub and Scout: the bar has been set! Next year is your turn!

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