Andrew Cheeseman (a.k.a Cheesy) is the Group Scout Leader for Westside Scout Group. We caught up with Cheesy to find out about what he thinks about his new role?

Q: Most important Question, Have you ever met Bear Grylls?

A: Yes, I have! Bear Grylls has done a fab job as Chief Scout for the last eight years or so – and he didn’t disappoint when he was invited back in 2012 by Harvey Ward, a Beaver Leader, to one of our Camps & he turned up in his helicopter!! We used the opportunity to promote the Appeal using Harvey’s daughter (Poppy Ward, a Beaver Scout at the time) and it made the National headlines.

Q: What is a Group Scout Leader?

A: Well, that really depends on what needs doing. Formally, my job has two parts. 1 Guide & support the section leadership, that’s Beaver, Cub & Scout Leaders. Giving them what they need to put on some incredible programmes of activities for all our members. 2 Guide & drive the Executive Committee in their support of the wider Group. Making sure they are providing the locations, resources and oversight that the group needs to thrive.

Q: OK, but what does being GSL mean to you? What motivated you to take it on?

A: I’ve been in Scouting all my life. It’s given me some great life skills & loads of fun memories so I just want to do my bit to make 12/14 WSG run as smoothly as possible & do as much as we possibly can – with a smile on everyone’s face.
Q: What is your biggest challenge taking on this role?

Get every parent involved (hands-on) at some level during their child’s Scouting journey. Parents have loads to give, but they have very little time – I’ve got to work with them to get them involved meaningfully in a way that suits their other many commitments.
Q: What has been your favourite moment as GSL so far?

A:  Easy – Camp Fire at Easter Camp, Gilwell Park. The Cubs & Scouts (Leaders, parents, girls & boys) ran a superb jam-packed weekend – and even found time to get the Beavers engaged too – amazing effort…never to be forgotten.
Q: What do you most look forward to as GSL?

A: Lots of laughter, lots of inclusion, lots achieved.
Q: If you had a message for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts in Westside, what would it be?

Be bold. Be kind. Listen, learn & HAVE FUN!

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