This is an event being run by South London Scouts. You will need to sign up your Cub via their website. 12th/14th Leaders will be there but we are not running the event.

Sign-up & details here: https://www.southlondonscouts.org.uk/members-area/whats-happening-and-latest-news/cubs-tuff-


From the South London Scouts website:

This event is a fun filled day of:

  • Jumping
  • Climbing
  • Crawling through wet and muddy spaces

A packed lunch will be required

Cubs will need a change of clothes

Hot drinks will be available on the day

The Cubs should wear their full uniform to arrive to the event but change into a different set of clothes and shoes to join in the days’ activities. Please bring clothes and footwear that are ok to get muddy in.

All those who take part will get a medal and Certificate

This event costs £10 per Cub Scout, payable at the time of booking.